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  1. Re: The reason Coachella sold out in 6 days is...

    Also adding, Caifanes is playing Vive Latino Fest in Mexico City along with others acts such as chem bros.
  2. Re: The reason Coachella sold out in 6 days is...

    You are all ignorant pricks. Believe me, Caifanes is a big deal but it's not like if all Mexicans would pay a $600 dlls. trip or more just to see them; don't be stupid. And for those telling shit and...
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    Re: Delorean

    They are amazing and truly a great summer soundtrack; sun, beach, girls ahh
  4. Re: Gente de mexico /people from mexico

    Otro pedo. Pues para la peda necesitas 21 aņos o ID. Ahorra y quedense en un buen hotel nada de campar, been there done that.
  5. Re: Kings Of Leon Haters: Do you not have ears?

    wow, you just made my day, now I find what a piece of garbage this band was, I actually was trying to accept them for once and I was quite getting in, but this vogue shit just annihilated KOL for me.
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    Re: 2011 Line up Is Out!!

    problem solved will be at chem. bros. during KOL, sunday leaving early before Kanye West starts, good lineup nothing special
  7. Re: Stop Kings of Leon from Coachella 11!

    I'll probably watch some other band if they play, I think it's a waste for a headliner but whatever means less people in the sahara or any other small tent.
  8. Stop Kings of Leon from Coachella 11!

    please pleaseplease
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers!

    Before bashing and shit, stop and take a breathe, they have lots of good music and who gives a shit if they headlined '07 they still can make it. New album coming up during these next months.
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    Los Amigos Invisibles!

    Funky Jazz Latin Band from Venezuela! They are going to make you move your ass real effin' good. The Latin Jamiroquai in my opinion
  11. Kele Okerke (Bloc Party Frontman)

    He has a solo album and always does Bloc party covers, he can be a nice addition
  12. Re: Los Heroes del Silencio for 2011

    Sorry, mistyped the band of the name, it is: Los Amigos Invisibles
  13. Los Heroes del Silencio for 2011


    These guys are dope, they give a fuckin' party and that is what we need, can see them in the gobi or the mojave in the afternoon
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    Re: The Libertines or Carl Barat

    The Libs would be amazing but a Carl Barat set is more probable
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    Re: Best of the 00s

    you pretty much named them all
    i wanted to make an addition but you just nailed it
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    Re: Michael Franti & Spearhead

    they were really good at street scene and they gathered a huge crowd after like 1 our and it was crazy
    a guy went over to the stage and started freak dancing with the actual singer, it was awesome...
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    The killers and Chem. Bros.

    Do anyone here thinks that it is possible to see the chemical brothers and then go see the killers almost in the front?

    I live in aussie so I am not that familiar with some of this, mates.
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