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  1. Re: I will buy your Coachella Wristband now for 200 - Downtown LA


    I bought a ticket and just found out I'm not going. My ticket is at will call, i know you want to buy it now, but i can meet you at the fest tonight if you are interested. let me know...
  2. I have a Coachella Ticket for $300, Please buy it and enjoy bc I can't

    I can meet you there tonight and give it to you, I will not be able to attend. Please buy from me I'll take best offer.
    you can email me
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    1st weekend Pass 350

    I really wish i could go, but i have something urgent to attend to. Please buy this pass from me, i need the cash tremendously bad. message me SOON if interested
  4. Re: Looking to sell my Coachella ticket & car camping pass!

    I'm very interested in getting this ticket. I live in Houston, and i had already booked my flight for coachella. pleeeeeaaaase tell me if you still have this available. thanks!
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