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  1. Thread: Philly Coachella

    by s.did

    Philly Coachella

    I'm going weekend two and coming in from Philly. Are you from Philly, want to chill? Grab a beer and talk music?
  2. Car Camping Pass for Ride or Trade::SECOND WEEKEND

    Hey, I'm a friendly guy in my mid-twenties flying into the Ontario Airport Thursday (the 19th) night who needs a ride to Coachella.
    I have a car camping pass that I'm willing to exchange for a ride...
  3. Re: 2 English (M + F) looking for Car Camping in return for Carpool!

    Hey There! I will flying into Ontario, California that Thursday 19th and am looking for a ride from Ontario to Coachella. I have a Car Camping pass that I would totally be willing to share if you'd...
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