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    Re: WANTED: One spot in Weekend 1 hotel room

    In case you're still looking, we've got an extra bed in our room at the Best Western Palm Desert Resort. We're 32 and 30, also respectful and easygoing. Here's our listing, let me know if you're...
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    Re: tasmanian looking 4 somewhere to stay.

    Hey there -- still looking for a room? We've got a spare bed in our hotel room. (As a side note, I'm an American but I play Aussie-rules footy in San Francisco!) Here's our listing if you're...
  3. Weekend 1: Share Our Quiet Hotel Room - Right Near a Shuttle Stop!

    Hi there, we're a fun and friendly couple from San Francisco. We normally come to Coachella with a whole crew, but all our friends decided to go Weekend 2 this year. Here's the thing -- we go to...
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    Re: San Diego to Coachella Weekend 1

    Hey errybody, I'll be driving up to the valley from San Diego on Wednesday, and driving back Monday morning -- let me know if you want to share a ride.
  5. Re: Still have some spots from San Diego to Coachella and back for weekend 1

    Hey, when are you going? I'm flying into San Diego on Wednesday and driving to the valley that night, then driving back to SD Monday morning.
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