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  1. Re: The Official Procrastinator's Camping Group Thread

    Hey guys
    Thanks to Ed and everyone for amazing weekend, brilliant first Coachella. Am in Santa Monica now gonna be here for a week is pretty cool. Add me on facebook, look me up, Hannah Broadbent,...
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    Re: The Un-official Camp Alone Group

    Can I join, am coming to Coachella on my own, will be my first coachella. Am coming from Vancouver, am English but over in Vancouver on a work holiday
  3. Re: How far are you traveling to come to Coachella?

    Anyone travelling from Vancouver, I am, am English in Vancouver on work holiday so thought whilst was sort of near to Coachella would go, am coming to Coachella on my own, so anyone who wants to meet...
  4. Re: The Official Flying Solo Overflow Camping Thread

    Am coming to Coachella on my own, I think might be joined by my Brother but don't think thats very likely, so was wanting to join your group if theres still room available. Will be my first...
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    Re: vancouver to coachella

    Hey am going to coachella from vancouver as well, none of my friends can afford it so on my own as well so if anyone wants to meet at coachella that'd be cool, is my first time going to coachella,...
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