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  1. Anyone driving to LAX Sunday night ? Pleaseeeee?

    Hello! 2 of us from Ireland have a flight to catch on Monday at 11am so thinking we need to leave Sunday night? If anyone wants to share shuttle or include us in a car pool please let us know, would...
  2. Re: Room to drive 2 people from PSP to La Quinta or anywhere in between

    Where is PSP? We need a ride from San Diego to La Quinta?
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    There is two of us over from Ireland, also looking to get to LAX after the show?

    3 am would also suit us :)

    We are staying in La Quinta! Private msg me if there is something we can all do?
  4. Re: In need of a ride from Coachella to LA/LAX Late sunday night/early sunday morning

    Think we are in the same boat. Our flight is at 11am so need to be there for 8am. Let us know if you have any luck, or maybe we could share s huttle of somesort and split the cost. Our number is...
  5. From Ireland. Need a ride from SD tomorrow for 2 people?


    We are over from Ireland for the festival and we are looking for a ride from SD to the festival tomorrow. Can meet anywhere in SD.

    Will chip in for petrol etc of course!

    Private msg me...
  6. Re: 1 female needs ride from Coachella to LAX airport early Monday (weekend 1)

    Hi myself and my boyfriend need a ride also, but we need to be at LAX for 8am so we would need to leave middle of the night, or after the festival on Sunday night?? And we are staying at a house in...
  7. 2 ppl need a ride back to LAX/LA on the Sunday night/early hours of the morning??


    Myself and my boyfriend have a flight to catch from LAX airport in the Sunday after the festival, or during the early hours of the morning. If anyone can help us out that would be greatly...
  8. We have booked for weekend 2 with Dave and Debbie


    So me and my boyfriend are staying with Dave and Debbie for weekend 2! We're coming over from Ireland and the UK.

    If you are also booked to stay with them on weekend 2 feel free to...
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    Re: Have Room for 2 People In Resort

    Hey I msgd you :)
  10. Irish couple looking for place to stay/camp Weekend 2?


    So we're coming over from Ireland and the UK for Weekend 2 .... but as the camping tickets had sold out we're now looking for a place to camp/room/share?? We're 22/23 and its our first time...
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