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  1. Re: The Violent Femmes Were One Of The Tightest Bands I Have Ever Seen At Coachella

    I missed them because we got stuck in security. So pissed.
  2. Re: Does anyone else have a post Coachella cold?

    I feel like death. Started yesterday but got really bad today. Still worth it.
  3. Re: Coachella 2013 has some aspects of Clusterfuckchella

    My only real problem was security. It took an hour and a half to get through Saturday. They found something on one girl and instead of pulling her aside, they kept her there and the line stopped for...
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    Re: Wu Tang Clan

    I just mentioned to someone this weekend that I bet Wu Tang clan brings the hologram this year.
  5. Re: Your Face When You Saw the Lineup: 2013 Edition

    This is perfect. I can't stop laughing.
  6. Re: This Lineup Rules!!! Coachella is Awesome!!!!

    I am. I would have preferred a bigger headliner, but RHCP is all about the nostalgia for me even without Frusciante
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    Re: Thank you!

    This was also my first Coachella and I'm already looking forward to coming back next year. One of the best weekends of my life.
  8. Re: Anyone want to sell there Coachella kit or misc. souvenirs?

    I'm looking to get a girls 2012 line up shirt, tank, sweater, basically anything in size small.
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