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    Question about selling a wristband

    I have an extra ticket, and i wasnŽt able to sell it durin the past days, since iŽll be headng coachela tomorrow, do you think i will be able to sell it near the venue?, I wont be asking for more...
  2. Weekend2 Wristband (San Diego) We can meet in palm springs or Indio

    I am selling an extra wristband at 300
  3. Selling 1 GA wristband for weekend 2 (to best offer, starting at 250)

    I am in the Sand Diego Area.
    A friend bailed me out and i really need to sell the wristband, send me your offers
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    Re: Need Weekend 2 Passes

    1 GA 350 san diego or meet in indio
  5. Selling 1 Weekend2 Wristband San Diego

    My friend bailed out so i am selling his ticket, i am in san diego, message me
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    1 Weekend2 Wristband

    Hey I am selling 1 weekend 2 wristband since a friend bailed on me, i am in san diego but we can meet in indio, give your offers :)
  7. Re: Looking to buy some Coachella Weekend 2 Passes!!

    Hey i am selling 1 inbox me
  8. Re: Solo girl looking to share a house, condo or hotel Weekend 2

    hey are you up to take two 18 guys on your camp, we are out of place to sleep, and can put on money, goodies, good vibes, etc, we have been looking like crazy for someone to adopt us, it may be you...
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    WEEKEND2 Adoption for two 18rs

    WEEKEND2** Is anyone up to adopt me and a friend to your camping spot, we are up to split costs, throw on money for stuff, and meet some new cool people
    here is my facebook, let me know please...
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    Re: Weekend 2 Car Camping Epic Party

    Does anyone have space to adopt me and a friend on their camping spot, we are two 18 ers clean and responsible , looking for someone to have a great time with and chill
    we are up to throw money...
  11. Re: Weekend two car camping, anyone have extra room?

    hey would you like to adopt me and a friend on your spot we are up to put money, goodies, split costs, we are two clean ,and responsible18ers from sandiego who are looking for a place to stay and...
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    Re: 1971 Volkswagen bus, going alone

    i need a place man, wich weekend?
    i am up to put on money for goodies, beer, stuff, etc
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    Re: Need a place to camp, I got snax

    i am definitively into this, A friend and i are going, are looking for someone like you who is up to take two people to ther spot and share, we can split costs, put on money for stuff etc.. my...
  14. Re: 2 car camping spots FREE FREE for weekend 2

    does anyone wants to adopt two san diego 18 ers, me and a friend dont have a place to stay and are up to put on money split costs, etcc
    here is my facebook...
  15. Re: WKND 2!!! Offering to share Car Camping spot. Can give a ride from LA!!!:)

    hey me and a friend are going from san diego but we dont have a place to stay, i am interested, we are two 18 ers, we are clean and responsible, up to have a great time and split costs, put on some...
  16. Re: Weekend two car camping, anyone have extra room?

    so you have space for two 18 ers from san diego who are clean, responsible and are up to put money for goodies, let me know, i am dying to find somewhere to stary with my frien (:
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    Re: Car Camping Party Weekend 2!

    anyone willing to adopt me and a friend for weekend 2 on theri camping spot_
  18. Re: Ride/Car Camping Availible Weekend 2

    Hey bro i am interested me and a friend both 18, up to gibe money for stuff and have a grat time, from sandiego
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    Re: I have room in my campsite WKD 2

    hey i am interested, have an extra ticket and i am looking for a place to stay, but i dont know if it is fair to give the weekend2 ticket for a place to stay since the spot is very cheap compared to...
  20. Re: Anyone interested in joining our group???

    i am interested, me and a friend are looking for a place to stay, and are up money and stuff, if there is someone willing to sharetheir spot with two 18 ers ho are up ta have a great time, let me know
  21. Looking for someone with room for 2 in their camping car camping spot!!!

    Hey this is my first coachella and i am going with a friend we can manage our way to get to indio, but don't have a place to stay so we have in mind a plan:
    Find two cool people we...
  22. Re: Weekend Two, extra room in car camping spot

    Hi me and a friend are looking for a place to say, we are from sandiego both 18 and ar up to give on money for goodies or stuff, email me
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    Re: Weekend 2 Car Camping to Share!

    hey i am interested in the spots, two18ers are up to give money for stuff let me know if interested

    My friend and I are also interested in leaving with you if we have a chance may put money for gas and stuff
  25. Re: Room for 2, from San Diego, weekend 2, 18th noon

    hey me and a friend are interested to dead
    we really need a place to crash and are up to give money for goodies and stuff email me
    We are from san diego too!!
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    Adoption for WEEKEND2????

    Does anyone have room on their camping spot for two responsible teenagers who donŽt have a place to crash and are up to put money for stuff?
  27. Re: I have room for a couple more people in my Tent Camping spot: Weekend 1

    hey me and a friend are interested, we are two responsible teenagers, my email is
    be waiting for a reply man
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    Re: 2 WEEKEND 1 PASSES...

    well, remembre people often spend more on tickets for weekend 2 since they realize that coachella is here
  29. Re: 7 passes for weekend 1 (general admission + 1 camping) trade for WEEKEND 2

    I am interested in trading 2 GA tickets, I have weekend 2 and want weekend1
  30. Re: Pro Tip: If you have Weekend 2 Passes and want to trade for Weekend 1, don't bot

    In My try to prove them wrong I am searching for someone to trade 2 weekend 2 for 2 weekend1
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    Re: 2 WEEKEND 1 PASSES...

    I have 2 weekend2 passes are you into trade? notice that people are more often to spend more on tickets for Weeken2, but i am not looking to sell them, i want to trade them for your weekend1 passes (:
  32. Re: Coachella 2013 - Anyone want to trade week 2 tickets for week 1?

    YOU want Weekend2 tickets? and have 2 weekend1?
  33. I Am Looking to trade 2 Weekend2 for Your 2 Weekend1 GA TICKETS

    I Want to trade my 2 Weekend2 Tickets for 2 Weekend1 Tickets
    if interested, (:

    email: andres_corella @
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