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  1. 1 bedroom in a house in 3 bedroom house in PGA West, Weekend 2, pool, spa, $700

    I rented a house and someone fell through. So the last room is now available for $700 for Weekend 2, Thursday to Monday.

    The house is 3 bedrooms, about 5 miles from the venue. House has a pool,...
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    Re: This Lineup Sucks. Coachella Can Suck It!

    The agent for the Stone Roses needs an award.
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    Re: Question about Worldmark Indio

    Worldmark is just ok. The 6 person rule is strictly enforced & the walls are paper thin. But at least it's a place.
  4. Re: Looking for a hosue for Coachella 2013, Weekend 1. ($7,000 budget)

    >Have you received any meaningful PMs?
    I guess so...nothing finalized yet...but getting there...
  5. Looking for a hosue for Coachella 2013, Weekend 1. ($7,000 budget)

    Here's what I'm looking for:
    - 1st weekend
    - a house with its own pool, ideally on one of the golf courses
    - near the venue (PGA West, etc)
    - 5 bedrooms (this is flexible and 5 is ideal)
  6. Re: * * * * * California Dreamin' @ Indio WiorldMark 2 b/2b 2nd * * * *

    I did this last year. Stay at worldmark if you have no other choice. The resort is on lockdown after 10PM. It's hard to bring friends over. The walls are thin. I could go on...
  7. Trade: two weekend 1 GA for two weekend 1 VIP

    I'm trying to upgrade one or both of my weekend 1 GA passes to VIP.
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    Poll: Re: Best Sahara Act Since Daft Punk

    Upvote for Plastikman. A girl I was with had to leave the Sahara tent because she couldn't take the bass. It was one of those shows that needed to be experienced in person to fully appreciate. ...
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    Re: Do 2-way radios work?

    I found this review and unfortunately SMS text on radio's is not there yet:

    "The text messaging is kind of a novelty, as far as I'm concerned. There is no handshaking or acknowledgment, so if the...
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    Do 2-way radios work?

    Does anyone have experience or know if it is worthwhile to use 2-way radios?


    And if so what are the pro's, con's with...
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    Re: What does a VIP pass get you?

    VIP for Insomniac events seems worth it. For Coachella, not so get access to a better manicured grassy area.
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    Re: Surviving all 3 days

    My survival guide is to pace yourself.

    Take xanax in the mornings.
    Take 5-HTP supplements.
    Take vitamin supplements.
    Avoid drinking in excess.
    Stay cool during the day.
    Get plenty of rest....
  13. Thread: Afrojack

    by iblaine

    Re: Afrojack

    Pretty painful. This stuff isn't living up to the level or Radioman or Pacha on Acid. Friends that went to UMF said he put on one of the best sets though...
  14. Coachella House available. $545/person, spa, 2 miles from venue & on a golf course

    Coachella House available. The cost is $545/person, no deposit, for 5 days, 4 nights at a house that's at PGA West. The two spots left are for the pullout couch/blow up mattress. It is a large 3000...
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