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    Selling - Weekend TWO Shuttle Pass!

    Hi, I'm selling one Coachella shuttle pass for weekend two! $60 obo let me know! :)
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    Room for TWO -Ride&Camp- WKND 2

    My friend and I are based in LA
    if you and a friend need a ride and a camp spot to stay..
    WE GOT CHUUUU --also 4/20 friendly :)

    planning to leave April 17 & we can work out how to split expenses...
  3. Re: Trade (2) W2 GA Passes + Car Camping for (2) W1 Passes + Car Camping

    Hi! where are you located?
  4. Re: if anyone needs a ride 2nd weekend i'm from fresno but i will be driving through

    hi! i live in LA, looking for a ride.. im a 22 female such as yourself, if you can contact me see if we can plan things out that would be awesome :)
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