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  1. Re: Post one (AND ONLY ONE) picture of your favorite coachella moment

    She'd kill me for posting this but this is me and my best friend dancing to tUnE-yArDs at 2012, weekend one - our second Coachella together. She moved to the other side of the country for...
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    Re: Funny things you saw/overheard

    -At the car campgrounds, my friend and I passed some guy who was very clearly tripping balls walking our direction. When we came across a police officer on a horse, his eyes grew really wide and he...
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    Re: Weekend 1 tickets for sale (2)

    I'm very interested! :)
  4. Looking for one Weekend 1 pass + camping pass

    I'm willing to negotiate prices and am not picky about tent or car camping! :)
  5. Re: When does the rest of coachella 2013 tickets go on sale?

    So due to a clusterfuck in my life, I need to purchase a single weekend 1 ticket with one car camping pass for the person I'm going with this year. I bought my own ticket during pre-sale back in May...
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