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    VIP Wristband for Sale!

    VIP Wristband for sale! No scam - you can activate the wristband code from my home computer when you pick up.

    $600 - that's about a $100 savings. I will go no lower.

    If not sold, I will gift...
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    VIP Gift Wristband of Sorts

    Here's the deal - I've got a VIP wristband I'm not going to use.

    I purchased for $700 and I'm going to sell it to someone for roughly the price of a GA wristband : $400. Consider it a gift - and...
  3. VIP Wristbands for Sale - Weekend 1 and Weekend 2

    I've got two (2) wristbands for weekend 1 and one (1) wristband for weekend 2 available for sale. Please contact me for details at vincent at candemia dot com.6374
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