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    Re: Car Camping Party Weekend 2!

    i know you got a lot of responses but here's a try. I'm going with 5 friends, all of us go to USC and are driving up thursday night, getting there around midnight. two of us are medical marijuana...
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    Re: Selling: Weekend two CAR CAMPING PASS

    text sent!
  3. Re: *****i have 2x weekend 2 passes plus Car Camping for SALE and/or trade********

    is this still valid? if so, i have two GA passes for weekend 2 and am looking for a car camping, so a trade would be ideal (i'll obviously throw in $). email or text...
  4. Re: Car Camping pass for weekend 2 needs a good home

    if this is still valid i'm in desperate need for a car camping pass. please email me at or call/text 305.968.5169. I am in LA and have a car so I can meet you anywhere within...
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    Weekend 2 Car Camping HELP

    I have passes for the festival Weekend 2 but my friends and I decided we want to go car camping. All the car camping passes are sold out so I'm looking for someone to buy it from, the only problem...
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