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    $12 cocktails, you 'avin a laugh?!

    As a non drug user, I feel rather discriminated against. Two body search checkpoints, and drink prices way higher, was inebriation that much of a problem last year? I thought the crowd was pretty...
  2. NEED two green line shuttle passes - Palm Desert

    Nevermind! They will sell them to you onsite if you ask.
  3. Wanted: Two (2) Palm Desert Green Line Zone 3 Shuttle Passes for this weekend (1)

    Can PayPal and arrange local delivery prior to show Friday.

    Thank you!
  4. Re: FOR SALE - 2 Palm Desert Green Zone 3 Shuttle Passes - Weekend 1

    We want them! Can pay PayPal and arrange to meet on Friday?
  5. Re: Need 2 shuttle passes for Zone 4 JW Marriott 4 weekend 1. Have 2 palm desert

    I need 2 palm desert passes, can also pay via PayPal...
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