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  1. Re: selling 1 weekend 1 GA ticket - message me an offer FACE VALUE ONLY

    Hi where are you located? I'm willing to meet you to buy it asap! I PM'ed you! Thanks!!
  2. Re: OC girls looking for (2) weekend one passes!!!

    Please please please let me know if anyone in the area is selling! THANK YOU!!!
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    Re: Craigslist scammers

    Did you wait last year until wristband packages actually arrived to buy them? I'm a little worried about giving someone all this money to just wait and see if Frontgate sends me the wristbands...
  4. OC girls looking for (2) weekend one passes!!!

    If anyone is in the LA/OC/Inland Empire area and is selling (2) weekend one passes please PM me! I am willing to meet anywhere in the local area!! Thank you!
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    Re: How do you sell coachella tickets?

    I'm not sure what the best way to sell tickets, but I'm looking for 2 weekend one tickets. Do you have weekend one? I'm willing to help figure out the best way to make this transaction if you still...
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    Re: 4 Tickets to weekend 1+ Car camping

    are there two tickets still available? thanks!
  7. Re: (2) VIP Weekend 1 Wristbands for sale-face value

    are these tickets still available? if so, how much you selling for? thank you!
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