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    Re: Costa Rica Needs You!!!

    Pura Vida!

    I visited Costa Rica back in 2007... think i left my heart down there... beautiful.

    If you're lookin for some cool people to hang with PM me. This will be my 5th year at...
  2. Re: are there any hotels, motels, or campingsites thyat arent booked?!

    In Indian Wells there is the Sands Hotel. I'm not sure if its all booked but you can try.

    they require three night stay... 134 a night. 7 miles from the concert. straight shot down highway 111. ...
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    LAX area to Coachella- offering a ride

    I'm going up Friday morning... early morning from Inglewood (5 minutes from LAX).
    Leaving Indio Monday before noon.

    I have two seats.

    I'm not camping, but I'm staying in a hotel close by......
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