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  1. Ride for weekend 1 from Sant Barbara available for 1-2 people. Meet at airport;)

    I've got room for 1-2 people leaving at 7-8am this Thursday. Will be short trip.
    Can't get airsickness or be afraid of flying! PM me with info and lets connect.
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    Re: San Luis Obispo to Coachella Thursday

    Anybody need a lift from Santa Barbara area?
  3. Re: Cal Polt student looking for a ride from San Luis Obispo to Coachella Weekend 1!!

    Can you go thurs morning? I may have an great ride originating from Santa Barbara. Coming back Monday.
  4. Re: 2 lake Eldorado wristbands and cots/tent for sale at cost (possibly less) - weeke

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    Re: Ride from Isla Vista/UCSB

    Hey,if you all know of anybody who needs a awesome deal on tickets camping pm me! I am going from SB (flying) and bought a 4 person lake Eldorado tent/cot package and now my peeps can't go. I'm going...
  6. 2 lake Eldorado wristbands and cots/tent for sale at cost (possibly less) - weekend 1

    I have a lake Eldorado 4 person tent and wristbands for weekend one. Girlfriend and her peeps no longer going. I'm going no matter what and am looking to sell the other 2-3 tickets. Hope to sell this...
  7. Thread: Safari Tents

    by Flynjim

    Re: Safari Tents

    I'm in lake Eldorado. I'm looking for 2-3 people to go with as my group isn't going now. You in the other safari tent area?
  8. 2-3 Lake Eldorado wristbands and cots for weekend one available, great deal!

    I have a 4 person tent package (4wristbands and 4cots etc) at Lake Eldorado. Broke up with girlfriend so need some peeps to go! Coming from Santa Barbara.
    I am going no matter what as it's my...
  9. Re: Carpools: Can you give someone a ride to Coachella? Are you looking for a ride?

    Possibly a ride from Santa Barbara? I'm flying solo as well at this point!
  10. Re: 2 Spots in Lake Eldorado 4 person tent available!

    First weekend. Should be great! It might work perfectly as another of my friends may go and use the third ticket and you'd be the fourth.. No sure yet. Can you send a little info about yourself? We...
  11. 2 Spots in Lake Eldorado 4 person tent available!

    Looking for two fun people to share tent. Share costs. Possible transport from LA area available. Possible slight discount for right people!
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