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  1. Offering roundtrip rides from OC/LA to Coachella and back

    Hi there

    I just decided to drive to Indio. I live in Orange County (near SNA John Wayne airport). I can meet you around OC or LA area if things work out. I have 3 spots available. I planned...
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    Looking for one Sun ticket.

    Hi there,

    I am looking for 1 ticket for SUN. I am willing to pay for any reasonable price.
    I can pick up anywhere around LA or OC.

    Please give me a call at: 7347091433.

    Thank you.

  3. Share rides from Orange County to Coachella on Sun

    Hi all,

    I just decided to go on Sun by myself. I am just wondering if there anybody wants to go on Sunday and come back at Monday AM. I have a car and I don't mind driving if there are enough...
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