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  1. Re: 2x Weekend 1 GA passes, 1 car camping pass, 1 car camping companion pass. Best of

    NM. Just realized the date of the original post
  2. Need Weekend 1 Companion Parking Pass


    If anyone is selling a Companion Parking Pass for weekend one, please let me know. I really need to find one. I already have my wristband. Please email me at
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    Wanted: Weekend 1 GA pass

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to buy a Weekend 1 GA pass for face value, hopefully to trade cash for the wristband if you are in the LA area. Please email me at and lets...
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    Re: 1 GA Weekend 1 Pass

    If you are still selling, I am interested. Have had horrible luck getting my W1 pass so far, so please please please be available. Email me Thanks!
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    Re: Worst Conflict?

    Most painful has to be Bright Eyes/The Kills, Morning Benders/The Drums, and Foals/Tallest Man on Earth.
  6. Re: Bands you will not be seeing and are bummed out about

    Friday: The Drums, Interpol, The Black Keys, Kele, Crystal Castles, Cold War Kids, Marina and the Diamonds,
    Saturday: Tallest Man on Earth,The Kills, the Radio Dept, The Swell Season, Elbow, One...
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    Re: Worst Conflict?

    All of Friday is a conflict. Most painful for me is Saturday though Bright Eyes/The Kills and Tallest Man on Earth/Foals.
  8. Re: looking to sell my hotel room in palm springs

  9. Re: I have to catch a 6:30am flight at LAX on Monday morning

    I am going back to LA on Sunday night. Though I am no where near LAX, I can drop you at Union Station and you can take the Fly Away ($6 dollar ticket for the shuttle to the airport). Please PM me if...
  10. Re: Anyone interested in sharing the cost of a hotel room?

    You can take over mine. It is pretty close to the Palm Springs shuttle, and I am selling it for $600 for the weekend (OBO -- at this point, I just want to recoup some of my money). 2 queen beds, AC,...
  11. Re: looking to sell my hotel room in palm springs

    I tried to cancel it a few weeks ago, but they won't let me. It sucks ALOT. SO I figure I might as well try and sell it to someone who can use it.
  12. Re: Campsite Sharing Arrangements - Have Extra Room? Have Nowhere to Stay? Click Here

    Hey, if you need a hotel room hit me up. My friend flaked so I am looking to recoup as much of my money as possible. It is in Palm Springs (close to the shuttles) and has two queen beds (so you can...
  13. looking to sell my hotel room in palm springs

    My friend flaked on me, so I am trying to get my hotel off my hands. I paid $600 for Thursday through sunday at Travellodge in Palm Springs, so trying to recoup what I paid. Great for the palm...
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