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  1. Wknd 2 Green Line Shuttle Pass (Palm Desert) 25$ obo

    have an extra!
  2. 1 Weekend 2 GA with Palm Desert Shuttle Pass / FACE + FREE OVERNIGHT FEDEX

    Hey All,

    I have one weekend 2 GA ticket with Palm Desert Shuttle Pass that i will overnight (once Payed )for free to wherever you want.
    I'm selling it at face (400).

    Please PM me or text me...
  3. Trade: (2) Wkd 2 passes w/ shuttle for (2) Weekend 1 (w/ or w/o shuttle)

    i have two weekend two passes with shuttle ( and also hotel room im going to just cancel if your interested ) that i need to trade for (2) weekend 1 passes (At this point i would be willing to trade...
  4. 2 Weekend 2 passes with Green-Line shuttle pass for sale!

    My wife and I can't make it. We are the Inland Empire (near Los Angeles) and can meet up when wristbands arrive in March. If you are further out we can certainly arrange to ship and bill through...
  5. Selling 2 Weekend 2 w/shuttle passes at face

    i tried to get someone to trade with me for weekend one but i looks like it will be easier to sell and buy than to trade.
    I have two weekend 2 w/ shuttle for sale for $798. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO...
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    Re: Selling 2x Weekend 1 w/ shuttle passes

    hey i live in SF and really need 2 tix for weekend one with shuttle passes.
    I bought weekend 2 but cant go that weekend.

    it would be easy peasy to meet up :) :)
  7. 2 Weekend 2 Tix w/ shuttle passes swap for 2 Weekend 1 Tix with Shuttle pass SFBAY

    My bf cant get this weekend off so looking to trade my 2 Coachella Weekend 2 tix with Shuttle Pass to Palm Springs (last day to change the shuttle is today) for 2 Weekend 1 tix with shuttle pass.

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