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    Re: Weekend 2 Camping. I have space!

    Hey guys, when are you planning on leaving? Me and my friend are flying into LA and would be happy to split gas money for a lift
  2. Super fun guy and girl looking for equally awesome camping buddies!

    Hi, my friend Carrie and I missed out on a camping pass for weekend 2. Does anyone have some space where we can pitch a tent in exchange for some cash, beer and great company?!

    We are both 25, I'm...
  3. Re: Room at our campsite if you need a place to crash! (Weekend 2)

    Can we fit two more on this spot?! Me (from Sydney, living in NY) and my friend Carrie from Vancouver are coming over but need a place to camp in our 2 man tent. Being with cool people is our main...
  4. Re: friendly Canadians wishing to share our campsite

    Myself (Australian) and my friend Carrie from Vancouver are going and would love to share a camping lot with someone, we couldn't get camping passes but we have our own tent, cash to chip in and...
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