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  1. Re: Selling One weekend 2 wristband for face value

    Sold it for $250 locally thanks anyways guys :)
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    Re: Registered Wristband. Can i sell it

    It's still sellable. Once a wristband is registered, it scans when u go into the event. So except the fact that it'll be linked to your Coachella account there's no problem. Anyone could use it
  3. Selling One weekend 2 wristband for face value

    I had a change of plans and I paid $349 for this wristband I'm just trying to get my money back. It's funny to me how everyone wants to pay $100 for a big event such as Coachella. I'll take $300...
  4. Looking for Weekend 2 GA pass+car camping!!!

    Please reply! A friend is in desperate need of a camping pass for weekend your price, will meet up to trade/buy at festival or will pay for overnight shipping. Please reply!
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