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    Re: Wristbands for Sunday

    Won't work. Don't even try it
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    Sticky: Re: Set Time Predictions 2015: FRIDAY

    I know that it has been said before but I'm 100% confident that Ghost/Rae and Action Bronson will not play after one another on the same stage. I think Bronsalino plays in a tent in the early evening...
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    Re: Special Guests, WTF?

    Phoenix HAD a guest come out with them on Weekend 1. But since so many people were there expecting to see Daft Punk nobody seems to remember that R Kelly did a song with them.

    I went to Weekend 2...
  4. Re: The Essential Coachelectro (Coachella 2015) Continuous Mix

    The Action Bronson/Tame Impala mash sounds exactly like the track The Hood Internet made with those songs back in 2012.
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    Re: Dream Set Lists 2015

    Built to Spill
    Sunday 4:30 Mojave

    Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
    Randy Described Everything
    The Weather
    Big Dipper
    You Are
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    Re: worldmark friends

    They do passenger counts when you reenter the complex. I'm not sure you'll be able to execute your plan.
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    Re: Unprotected Sax

    Destroyer used sax in almost every track on Kaputt.
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    Re: Is there no Drake thread?

    I hope that for Weekend 2 the Raptors blow a giant 4th quarter lead in their playoff game and he's an emotional wreck and melts down on stage; because if he was sitting court side it wouldn't have...
  9. Re: What were the biggest weekend 1 / weekend 2 differences?

    I go Weekend 2 and don't watch the webcast because I don't want to see the art/set ups before I go. However, I like to use to get a feel for which songs are being played and guests that...
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    Re: Staying Worldmark 2015 weekend 2

    I have stayed at Worldmark since 2009. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience there. But at the same time all me and my group aren't looking to party or anything, just sleep, shower and make...
  11. Poll: Re: do you require your guests to remove their shoes in your home? (excl. mud/snow sh

    We have SUPER dark laminate floors. If anybody wears shoes inside you immediately see foot prints. So from now on, everyone has to take their shoes off.
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    Re: Creative Stage Shows

    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs had the giant inflatable eyeball in 2009 too.
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    Re: Your top 10 must-sees for 2015

    Built To Spill
    Raekwon and Ghostface Killah
    Todd Terje and the Olsens
    Lil B
    Florence + the Machine
    Belle & Sebastian
    Action Bronson
  14. Re: Podcasts. No clever thread titles, just podcasts.

    I love U Talkin U2 To Me. The Scotts are so silly and obnoxious. It is truly great stuff.

    Who Charted- Comedians Howard Kremer count down a music and movie chart from the week and chat with a...
  15. Re: Your Face When You Saw the Lineup: 2015 Edition

    I felt like I was living a meme. 12592
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    Re: Coachella 2015 Fake Posters Thread

    Somebody should mock up all of MotoAve's "predictions", dismissive comments, exclusive source info and cryptic statements into a fake poster. Let's see what a poster with 7 headliners on it looks...
  17. Re: Acts that are "Big"/"Deserving" Enough to Headline

    In the Suprise/Out of Nowhere thread somebody suggested that if Neil Diamond played Coachella it would be headliner or nothing. Do you agree with this? Or could he take a Lenard Cohen/Lou Reed like...
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    Re: '15 Surprise/Out of Nowhere Acts

    Sorry for ruining the game. I pray that everyone in thread will be able to recover.
  19. Re: Going to Coachella first time in 2015 and have no idea what tickets to buy.

    Aim for getting tickets to Weekend 2 and be patient in the virtual waiting room on ticket sales day.
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    Re: '15 Surprise/Out of Nowhere Acts

    - R. Kelly
    - Missy Elliot
    - Cam'ron
    - Neil Diamond
    - Built to Spill
    - The Anniversery
    - The Teenagers
    - Dragon Boy Suade/Have A Summah
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    Re: 2014 Headliner Cheat Sheet

    Didn't Paul T offer $1 million and to make the fest vegetarian for the day they played if The Smiths reunited and Moz still said no? It doesn't seem like there's much GV can do to sweeten that deal.
  22. Re: Acts that are "Big"/"Deserving" Enough to Headline

    Hear, hear.
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    Re: Motel 6

    They also gave us a beach ball with the logo of a local bail bondsman on it and a stuffed Pillsbury Doughboy as a "gift" along with a note encouraging to give them a positive review on Trip Advisor.
  24. Re: Acts that are "Big"/"Deserving" Enough to Headline

    If Cage the Elephant returned would they headline? They seem to fit the on the cusp category you are describing here.
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    Re: Motel 6

    I stayed there in 2013 it was a bed with air conditioning and a running shower. That's all I expected and that's what I got. You will need to drive to the venue. Although it says the motel is 2.5 mi...
  26. Re: Acts that are "Big"/"Deserving" Enough to Headline

    I was talking about Bjork. But I didn't quote it right.
  27. Re: Acts that are "Big"/"Deserving" Enough to Headline

    She could headline again in the way The Strokes and The Stone Roses did a couple years ago.
  28. Re: Acts that are "Big"/"Deserving" Enough to Headline

    I was going to write about the many inconsistencies in MotorAve's post (Oasis won't draw but apparently Courtney Love and 50 Cent will?)but then I just realized his MO is overlong posts that don't...
  29. Acts that are "Big"/"Deserving" Enough to Headline

    When speculating about headliners on the board it's not uncommon to see statements like "Death Cab for Cutie aren't big enough to headline" or "Drake doesn't deserve to headline." I find the idea of...
  30. Re: Your top five acts of Coachella 2014 (Weekend Two Edition)

    1. Beck
    2. Chromeo
    3. Classixx
    4. Nas
    5. Future Islands

    Honorable Mention: CHVRCHES, Outkast, Temples, The Pixies, Grouplove
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    Re: Coachella 2015 Fake Posters Thread

    Sorry but there is no way in hell Jack White will ever play before the Black Lips. Jack White has an immense dislike for Dan Auerbach. He berated his ex-wife for enrolling his children at the same...
  32. Re: trade eight WEEKEND 2 w/CAR CAMPING for WEEKEND 1

    Maybe it's a an 8 for 1 situation. This dude NEEDS to get to Weekend 1.
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    Re: Old Timer / Reunion Wish List For 2015

    Some of these have been named before some are new:
    Smashing Pumpkins,Television, Paul Simon, Hall & Oates, The Anniversary (reunion)
  34. Re: How Narcs and Snitches Ruined my Week 2 Coachella

    Shit's fucked up. Have you considered a costume, mask, wig or plastic sugary so THEY can't recognize you? Or do you think your MOVES would give you away once you started dancing?
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    Re: Daft Punk and Arcade Fire????

    Why does Win Butler think it's his place to even comment on how Coachella/Golden Voice conduct it's business? If he wants a music festival that only has people who play "real instruments" (whatever...
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    Re: Custom Set Time Templates

    Sexecutioner format with week 2 times. Note: this was made when the app had a wonky time for Classixx so you might want to fix it (although I think it's only 5-10 min off) but that is the only...
  37. Re: Photos of Celebrites at Coachella: Aaron Paul, Lohan, Haselhoff, Katy Perry & Mor

    Don't they tape the MTV Movie Awards in advance?
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    Re: Favorite Coachella Food Vendors?

    There was a Kogi truck last year in the main stage beer garden by the ferris wheel. By the looks of the map there will be a truck there again this year.
  39. Poll: Re: Worst thing about the current coachella format

    I just know the Dew Lab at night is like a porch light for all of the moths/people on drugs. Why not put a roof on that mess and keep them all contained.
  40. Re: SATURDAY- 2014 Set Times Predictions Thread

    I don't even like the guy but the only way Skrillex isn't headlining the Sahara is if he's playing on the Main. There is no way the clash finder has his placement correct.
  41. Poll: Re: Worst thing about the current coachella format

    Even more reason to get some comedy in. Wouldn't it be nice to have an air conditioned tent that would have people/shows like Hannibal Buress, Comedy Bang Bang, Todd Berry, The Birthday Boys and...
  42. Re: FRIDAY- 2014 Set Times Prediction Thread

    I personally think the current arrangement of the main/outdoor during the evening is close but it doesn't feel quite right. I think all the acts are right but the arrangement seems off. If pressed...
  43. Poll: Re: Worst thing about the current coachella format

    The only thing I'd like to see the festival "fix" is adding comedy to the lineup. But apparently only Bonaroo is the only festival allowed to book comedians…
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    Re: Custom Set Time Templates

    Does anyone have Weekend 2 Set Lists (preferably in Sexecutioner format)?
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    Re: Phoenix and the Daft Punk rumor

    R Kelly is truly amazing! I'm only conflicted because I don't know weather or not I should leave New Order early next week in hopes of seeing the Pied Piper of R&B with no confirmation he'll be there...
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    Re: Phoenix

    So I shouldn't count on them to play Too Young? That's my jam. :poo
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    Re: 2013 - Friday Set Time Predictions

    I think Japandroids will play earlier. I can easily see them swapping spots with Devine Fits purely based on the fact that Britt Daniel is who he is. I can see Japandroids playing the same slot that...
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    Poll: Re: Best Modest Mouse Album?

    Building Nothing Out of Something
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    Poll: Re: Best drunk food at Coachella...

    How is this even an argument? One thousand percent Spicy Pie!!!
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    24 Hours in LA

    Tomorrow I am going to be in Los Angeles for 24 hours. I'm flying into/out of Burbank and will be going to the UCB theater for a show. If anyone have advice on what to do/see and where to eat/drink...
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