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  1. Re: Crowded House!! Who is as excited as I am?!!

    Same here. As for those who think Crowded House is just "another '80s band" it's their loss. Neil Finn is one of the most talented songwriters of the past 25 years. I guess if you don't sound like...
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    Re: Who are you most excited to see?

    Oh boy, another one. Well it's a slow Sunday morning so why not?

    1. Crowded House
    2. Bjork
    3. The Good, the Bad, and the Queen
    4. Air
    5. Jarvis Cocker
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    Re: how old are you?

    My age is not quite the same number that correponds with the number of revolutions a long player makes each minute but close. ;)
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    Well, I'm going for Crowded House, Bjork, The Good The Bad The Queen, Air, and possibly Jarvis Cocker, but I'm sure Rage is motivating many other people to go. My friend is going with me now, so it...
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    Re: rage on ebay!!! wow

    Yeah, that has got to be one of the dumbest things I've seen in a long time. So far I haven't seen them paying more than $400 for a pair of Sunday tickets, but if you are going to spend $200 per...
  6. Thread: Air!!!

    by dallascoachella

    Re: Air!!!

    I'm also hoping for a surprise spot by Jarvis and above all else I'm hoping they play at the same time as Rage because it will make the space they are playing in that much cooler.
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    Re: Saint Etienne

    Great to see these guys getting some support. I unfortunately missed their 4-date US tour last year. I think Coachella would be a great place for them to get more US exposure and give their fans...
  8. Re: What surprise additions are you hoping for?

    Saint Etienne
    Sondre Lerche

    And of course Portishead
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    Re: Anyone from sweden going?

    Roskilde isn't that far from there - they always have a good line-up, don't they???
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    Re: sold out already?

    Not a chance.
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    Re: Anyone from sweden going?

    Well, I flew to Hawaii last month to see U2 and Pearl Jam and everybody kept asking me how the beach was, how the nature was, etc. - I didn't see any of it!!! All I saw was an incredible concert. ...
  12. Re: Crowded House!! Who is as excited as I am?!!

    If I understand things correctly, Neil started working with Nick Seymour after Paul Hester's suicide because it helped them cope with the loss of their dear freind and former band mate. Apparantely...
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    I'm coming from Dallas and I'm hoping my best friend takes vacation that week so he can come too, lol. I've almost convinced him. If he comes we're driving. If not, I'm flying. But I will have to...
  14. Re: Crowded House!! Who is as excited as I am?!!

    If you have access to VH1 Classics, they have been showing an edited version of their live DVD "Farewell to the World" on the "Classics in Concert" program recently. It captures their energy on...
  15. Re: Crowded House!! Who is as excited as I am?!!

    Of course it's usually best to ignore idiotic posts like the one we are all responding to, but I just had to say I didn't even start posting on this board until I found out Crowded House was in the...
  16. Re: Crowded House!! Who is as excited as I am?!!

    Recurring Dream - The Very Best of - is a great place to start. There are four songs from each of the band's proper albums, plus a couple of new tracks. If you like some of there stuff, you will...
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    Saint Etienne

    Does anybody know if they've ever played Coachella??? If not I think they would be a great addition. Lots of folks are calling for Portishead and others - I think these guys would be a great...
  18. Re: If You Could Pick 5 Full Sets Each Day

    This one is easy for me:

    Friday: Bjork, Jarvis Cocker, Interpol, Rufus Wainwright, Arctic Monkeys

    Saturday: The Good, the Bad, the Queen, The Arcade Fire, The Rapture, Travis, Kings of Leon
  19. Re: Does cocker perform pulp material these days?

    I'm also coming from Texas and I love Pulp. I've read a lot of the solo reviews from Cocker's shows and he isn't doing any Pulp, but the new solo album is getting rave reviews. A couple of the...
  20. Re: Crowded House!! Who is as excited as I am?!!

    Crowded House is the reason I'm considering coming all the way from Texas to this festival. Bjork and Jarvis Cocker are great, too, but Crowded House has got to be one of the most underrated bands...
  21. Re: Headliners start after other stages close?

    I don't mind conflicts either but like everybody else I don't want it to happen with two bands I like, lol. I do realize I just have to wait but I was just curious how they handled the headliners. ...
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    Re: Kings of Leon...anybody?

    I've seen them twice in a small club here in Dallas and they were fantastic. I think they are a great club act, but I don't know how it would translate on a larger stage. They have great intensity,...
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    Re: Top 10: Conflict Be Damned Must-See Acts

    1. Crowded House
    2. Bjork
    3. Jarvis Cocker
    4. The Good, the Bad, the Queen
    5. Air
    6. The Arcade Fire (I've already seen them and it was incredible - otherwise they would be at the top)
  24. Re: Headliners start after other stages close?

    Thanks for the response. Both of those acts hardly ever tour the US and when they do they only play a limited number of cities.
  25. Headliners start after other stages close?

    I'm just curious - do the main headliners usually start after the other stages close each night or do they compete with the other stages? I've been to festivals where they do it both ways.

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