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    Houston to Coachella

    Looking for people driving to Coachella weekend one with room for one more, or I'm down to drive my car and start a carpool. If I drive I can fit three people comfortably. I've drove the past two...
  2. Re: 2 spots left for Private Backyard Camping Weekend 1

    Still have the spot?
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    Selling My Weekend 2 Pass

    Selling my weekend 2 pass.
  4. Trade my GA Weekend 2 Pass and Cash for a Weekend 1 pass, or deal?

    I want to trade my pass for week one. Or buy your extra week one pass. I would even work out a deal if somone needs a ride?
  5. (Trade/Purchase/Ride) Need a Weekend One GA Ticket

    I have a weekend 2 ticket and I'm looking to trade it for a weekend one ticket. Or I would like to buy someone's extra ticket. In Texas so if someone needed a ride to Coachella, or if your in La...
  6. Re: TRADE: One Weekend 1 ticket for One Weekend 2 ticket!

    I need to trade my emails
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    looking to trade wk 2 pass for wk 1

    I need to trade my weekend 2 pass for a weekend 1 pass. Email if you can
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