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  1. Re: Going Solo. Have camping pass 1st weekend. Looking for others LA or SD

    Still have space?
  2. Re: Have a Car Camping Spot, Have Room for More!

    First weekend, me and my GF... can we join? PM me if you still have space..
  3. Ride from LAX and camping buddies for me and my GF.

    We will be arriving from Houston TX and we have a car camping pass but no ride from LAX. Can anyone help?
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    Re: Going solo weekend 1... be my friend!? :)

    Me and my girlfriend will be coming from texas... are you flying? we have a car pass..
  5. Re: 2012 car camping, if you need a spot, or have one to share post it here!!!!

    So my girlfriend and I are debating whether to fly from texas or drive... the dilemma here is that we have a car parking pass but if we fly we won't have a car. Flying is only an appealing option...
  6. Re: Kanye West killed it. People hating are retards, and here is why:

    it was a great performance, better than the last time I saw him which was the first leg of the glow in the dark tour. Also to all the idiots critiquing his lyrics, I know you dont listen to rap....
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    Re: 2 spots available, LAX->Coachella

    are any spots still available?
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    Re: Offering a ride to Coachella

    hey, I need a ride if you have the space. please call 713-562-8583.
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    NEED Ride From LAX

    Hello all, i'm coming into LAX from Houston on thursday afternoon. Anyone able to supply a ride to the campgrounds or close, will supply gas and go half on whatever. please PM if so. THANKS.
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