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    Re: Need Ride home to AustinTX on Monday

    i meant to say caravanning...
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    Re: Need Ride home to AustinTX on Monday

    hey, I may be carpooling with people up there but would appreciate company on the way this point i am dreading driving up there alone from austin. i am also a 3 day me... ...
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    Re: texas carpool needed!

    anyone from Austin? so far i am travelling this alone...not really looking forward to it, my travelling companion can no longer make, if anyone from austin wants to carpool, or those of you...
  4. 1 Sunday + 1 Camping pass to trade for Saturday pass

    travelling partner can't i have one Sunday pass and one Camping pass extra but would love to trade for a Saturday pass...please please email
  5. Re: NEED - CAMPING PASS - Willing to trade 3 day TICKET for 4 day CAMPING PASS

    ahh, yes i will trade you if you still need me..
  6. Austin TX have an extra camping pass and sunday ticket...will trade for Saturday!

    Anyone from Austin TX...I am looking for someone with an extra saturday ticket who would like to trade my extra sunday ticket..also, i have an extra camping pass. So email me if you are interested....
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    Re: BUYERS THREAD (tickets needed)

    Hi, I am in Austin and already have 2 camping and 2 sunday tickets but am in desperate need of (2) 3 day passes for friends, (2) saturday tickets, and (2) camping tickets...please please help us out,...
  8. Need (2) 3 day passes and (2) Saturday passes

    AHHH..i kept reading on the msg boards that there would be 3 day passes up until March. Alas I am now stuck, my brother and I have our sunday passes but not saturday and our travel companions do not...
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    Re: Selling Tickets

    We are looking for 2 3 day bro and I already have ours but our 2 friends do not...please please email me if you have 2 3 day passes!! if you also have 2 camping passes that would be...
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