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    Austin Psych Festival

    Anyone planning on heading down to Austin for the Austin Psych Festival after weekend 2?
    I am extremely interested in going and looking for a group to possibly join. Willing to pay for gas,...
  2. Looking for ride to San Francisco after weekend 2

    Flying into LA and out of SF from Halifax, NS. I'm 21, laidback longboarder and surfer, willing to pitch gas. Worst case scenario I shuttle there but I would rather meet some new people while I'm...
  3. Selling 1 Weekend 2 GA pass with or without car camping

    I've got one extra weekend 2 pass and car camping, willing to sell just the pass if you don't want car camping but would rather sell them together.
    Will fedex as soon as I receive it in March, PM if...
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    Adventure after Weekend 2!

    Myself and a friend from Halifax, NS are planning a trip for after weekend 2 to hit up some national parks on our way up to San Francisco. Just wondering if anyone else so far is planning something...
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    Re: Top 3 ARTISTS for 2013

    Daft Punk
    Wu Tang
  6. Re: selling or trading my week 2 passes with car camping

    How many passes and how much? I am interested in the car camping pass as well.
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