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  1. Re: Boyfriend and I (23m & 19f) looking for camping, floor, etc. weekend 1 friendly w

    my friend is looking to rent a room for WK1 which is 3.5 miles away from the venue, would you be interested?
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    Re: Video of 2013 ticket/wristband unboxing!!

    sweet! i got a different button...
  3. Re: Who's coming out from Phoenix,Az! Massive car meet and greet!

    east valley here, i don't get out of work until 3, pick up some provisions at Costco, (H20) and i'm down! for meeting up Thursday evening Wknd 1.
  4. 40$ 1 Seat, East Valley Phx to Coachella Wknd 1 , Returning end of Wknd 2.


    Leaving Thursday 4/11 Evening for Car Camping Weekend 1, willing to take a passenger for 40$ 1 way. have no problem dropping off anywhere in the Coachella Valley. staying all week...
  5. Re: (2) Palm Springs Shuttle Pass - Weekend 2 - Zone 5

    25 bucks, but yikes i only need 1...
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