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  1. Re: Planning on going to Coachella for the first time in 2015, tons of questions..

    QFT. Camped the first year I went in 2010, and will NEVER camp another festival again. Too old for that shit. Ever since (this weekend is my 5th) we have stayed in a resort. Essentials: air con, a...
  2. Re: Driving LAX-Palm Desert Thu 17th PM, back to LAX Mon 21st afternoon: 2-3 spots av

  3. Driving LAX-Palm Desert Thu 17th PM, back to LAX Mon 21st afternoon: 2-3 spots avail!

    I needlessly hired a car when my friends had already booked an SUV. So to be honest, I'm looking to recoup a little of the cost - and maybe share some laughs on the drive to the desert.

    I land...
  4. 2 Unregistered Wristbands - MAKE AN OFFER! - In hand, in Palm Desert

    Hey All. My buddies have 2 wristbands for friends that bailed last minute. They're unregistered. We are in Palm Desert. Heading to Joshua Tree right now, will be back later this evening, not going in...
  5. Thread: Deorderant

    by ReeJay

    Re: Deorderant

    Last 3 years I have taken in mini aerosol cans of deodorant in my purse, no problem. If in doubt, just take one of those travel size stick types. The security "guards" might flip out at aerosol.
  6. Selling Wkend 1 Car Camping Sticker - Face Value!

    Got car camping, but got a condo, so have the unused Car Camping decal with us to sell. At Festival now. $85 ($75 + fee of $10) OBO. Reply here or text 1-778-889-2809. PLEASE DO NOT CALL - Canadian...
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    Re: WEEKEND 1 GA wristband for SALE!!

    Hey, arsehole: NO SCALPING!!!!!!!

    Oh, and you seriously jacked the price 50 bones in 6 minutes?! You are a legit fucktard.
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    Re: Queerchella 2012

    Can someone PLEASE ban this weak fuck!!! Being a hateful troll is clearly the pinacle of his existence. His mother should have swallowed.
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    Re: Tennis Garden Shuttle Pass Weekend 1

    Face value, you fuck.
  10. 2 People To Share Palm Desert Condo We've Rented + Optional Hire Care From LAX Wknd 1

    We have rented a condo at The Palm Desert Resort and Country Club for 4 nights from Thursday April 12th until midday Monday 16th. We're looking for 2 people in their mid 20's-30's to share the condo...
  11. Trade my 2 Wknd 1 GA Festival Passes w/ camping for 2 Wkend 1 GA Festival w/ shuttle

    My buddy from Australia sold me his 2 GA tickets with car camping for Weekend 1 because he can't make it over. Fantastic, but after the 4hr 20min lineup for showers on Day 2 of 2010, I will NEVER...
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