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  1. Re: Anybody staying at Indian Waters RV park?

    shouldnt be to bad on the bike huh? Is it pretty mellow or will people be partying?
  2. Anybody staying at Indian Waters RV park?

    Has anybody stayed here in the past ? pretty mellow or a party? we are planning on riding our bikes back and forth from the venue is it far?
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    Re: GoProChella

    Yeah will they sweat me bringing in my go pro or should I plug it ? haha I was thinking to just roll with a smaller arm holder for it.
  4. looking for a single ticket for weekend 2- cash in hand, OC, IE area

    get at me ...
  5. Staying at Indian Waters Resort- Newbie question

    So is it biking disstnce to the venue from the Indian Water RV resort? We are going to bring travel trainer and crash in that as the camp spots are all booked. Whats the 411 can just bring bike and...
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