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  1. Re: Looking to buy some Coachella Weekend 2 Passes!!

    Hi there Charlieeed, I added you as a contact on my profile and I have a pair of weekend 2 passes for you! Message me when you get this and I can give you more information. :)
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    Re: I need a place to crash!

    Me and my girlfriend have a room at America's best value. We can fit two more people and have a sleeping bag in the car if you're down. 9497010398, txt me :) it would be 230 per person
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    2 Spots open for weekend 1 hotel :)

    Txt me if you need a place to stay, it's me and my other girlfriend. (949)701-0398, staying in Indio
  4. Re: Leaving Friday from Irvine CA for Coachella! 2 seats open in car/hotel room :)

    actually message 9JonesC6 aka myself, this is my friends account and he's not offering rides.
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