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    Re: Guess the 2016 Lineup A Year In Advance

    Glad to see Blood Orange is doing shows in 2016 :)
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    Re: HARD Day of the Dead 2014

    I read in that LA Times article that Saturday had just below 20,000, or just under half of the attendance. That fact that it was Halloween is understandable that less people would show up, but how is...
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    Re: Post (mail) service at Coachella??

    I unfortunately do not have a car (zimride) and my lodging is a house thru airbnb. Either way, I'm sure my host will be fine with holding my stuff for me until the end, but my zimride is heading out...
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    Post (mail) service at Coachella??

    Wasn't able to reserve myself a locker for weekend 1 and since I check out of my off-site room 11AM sunday morning, I'm thinking i'll have to send my backpack and stuff back to my house via Snail...
  5. Re: Last min friends backed out, now am going solo with a tent camping spot and one G

    Hey Nasto,

    Just PM'd you!
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    Re: Weekend 1 - Car Camping Space Available

    Hey Jon,

    Sent you an email as well. Thanks!
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    Re: Anyone interested in Camping Week 1

    Would love to. Can also bring supplies you may need. PM'ing you.
  8. Re: TWO (2) to CARPOOL from LAX, late thursday and noon monday

    Hey Pete I would be looking to get out of Los Angeles by 1pm on Friday. I'll be in West Hollywood area. Let me know if you'd be able to possibly swing by to pick up. I would be leaving work with all...
  9. Looking to Carpool from West Hollywood/Miracle Mile on FRIDAY

    Looking to find a carpool out to Coachella on Friday EARLY AFTERNOON around 1-2pm if anybody will be driving out that late.... Only got a half day's off of work, so I'd ideally be on my way the...
  10. Re: Driving up week 1 San Diego to Coachella solo, car camping, who's coming with me


    I'll be coming from the Westside on Friday so I don't think i'd be able to get a ride, but am definitely interested getting a spot in your camping area if one's available! Just PM'ed you!
  11. Re: Indie Dance, Indie Electronic, and Nu Disco... PLEASE?!

    I really hope Bag Raiders(live) and LeMaitre (probably a dj set) come down for Coachella this year. They're one of my most anticipated acts to be on that poster and I hope GV doesn't forget about...
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