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  1. Re: Weekend 2 - 1 bedroom timeshare - REASONABLE

    For weekend 2 only - I have a one bedroom timeshare about 7 miles from the festival. It has a full kitchen and laundry in the unit. The grounds have a pool, a lazy river, a spa or more. It is...
  2. Weekend 2 - 1 bedroom timeshare - REASONABLE

    I booked a timeshare for friends - who are not coming to the festival. I will be reasonable on the cost - if you have a hotel room in Indio - this is much nicer. About 7 miles from the festival -...
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    Re: Lodging Weekend 2

    I have a 1 bedroom timeshare that is about 7 miles from the venue. There are LOTS of festival goers staying here. It is very nice - I have the reservation from 4-17 to 4-24. I would like 600.00...
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    Re: Looking for lodging WEEKEND 1

    I have a 1 bedroom timeshare about 7 miles from the venue - available for 600. It is very nice - will sleep 4. There is a bedroom with private bath and a Murphy bed in living room with another...
  5. I have a Worldmark timeshare - sleeps 4 for Week 1 and for week 2 available

    I rented my timeshare for both weeks for a friend who is now not coming to the festival - so this nice one bedroom unit is available. There are many people staying here that are going to the...
  6. Re: !!!! World Mark Resort 2nd weekend !!!! 2b/2b -- last one I have

    Who did you talk to at Worldmark. I just called them and they said there was no shuttle at all for the festival???????
  7. Lodging available for both weeks - timeshare for 2 full weeks Apr 10 thru 24

    The last 2 years I had friends stay with us and go to festival. Both years they would call me in the middle of the night to pick them up because there are NO CABS available. I booked my timeshare...
  8. I have a room available for both weeks - my guest backed out. Timeshare for 4.

    I booked my timeshare at Worldmark in Indio because my friends have come out for a couple of years now. I took 2 weeks (one for each festival week) and now they tell me they are not coming this...
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    Re: Question about Worldmark Indio

    Don't count on a cab - it was OK to go to festival last year - but IMPOSSIBLE to catch one after the show - FYI.
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