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  1. Selling 2 Coachella wk2 any line any time SHUTTLE PASSES $45 discount price

    Shuttle pass drop off and pick up info
  2. Re: No car camp? Looking for camping? (Weekend 2)

    Hey, I'm interested in joining.

    We have a car, looking for a spot to camp on.
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    Re: Weekend 2 Car Camping

    Hey, I'm also interested. Message me if you have room for one tent in your spot.
  4. I can give you a RIDE & I'm looking for Weekend 2 CAR CAMPING SPOT for one tent.

    Me and my friend will be driving to Weekend 2 and we can give you a ride to coachella. We are hoping someone with a car camping spot can share a spot for just one tent. Please let us know. Thank...
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    Re: weekend 2 car camping

    I'm looking for a camping spot for one tent. We can give you a ride if needed, please PM me if you have room for one tent in your camping spot. Thanks!
  6. Re: I will give you a ride from LA to Coachella - Camping Needed

    Hey I'm also looking for a camping spot for just one tent setup. If you find someone and have any extra room, please send me a PM.

    I'm going on Weekend 2.

    I can also give someone a lift from...
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    What time will you be in LA today? Would you please be able to give me a ride. I'm in Hollywood.
    Text me at THREE__2__3__THREE__zero__1___0___9__1__NINE
  8. Just bought my wristband, WHERE TO SLEEP?? Lol Need a spot to camp or somethin

    So this will be my first Coachella

    Need a place to sleep/camp. Please let me know if I can crash at your spot.


  9. Selling 1 wristband for $240 - Hollywood

    Friend bailed and so selling way below face value! Let me know if interested. Meet up at Hollywood. Call me at ThreeTWOthreeTHREEzeroONE__09__ONE--NINE. Getting to bed just now but leaving cell...
  10. I need a ride from Hollywood to Coachella. Maybe later in afternoon or AM if I can...

    I can chip in with gas. Please message me your # and what time you'll be leaving and I'll send you a txt. Thanks!

    I know this is last minute because I just bought my coachella wristband! Lol. ...
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