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  1. Re: What's a good time to arrive at coachella Friday morning?

    Its going to be very hot and uncomfortable. Arrive an hour before the first act that you want to see plays... Other people may have other ideas about this but it is what I go by.
  2. Last minute Ride to Coachella from Long Beach - Friday - 2 Spots available

    If you are close to Long Beach or on the way to Coachella... We are leaving Friday around 1PM from the Long Beach area. 1 guy 1 girl in the car already. The whole backseat is open (small car)

  3. Re: Looking for a ride leaving from Long Beach/Carson/Torrance

    Leaving from LB in the morning.
  4. Ride offer - Long Beach to Coachella - Friday Morning

    Got room for one more person in my car, 2 guys + 1 girl already going. We are leaving Friday Morning coming back Late Sunday Night.
  5. Re: Ride from Long Beach Airport 9am to Coachella

    Leaving Friday morning from 5mins away from the Long Beach Airport... Got room for one more. Dont know if that helps though.
  6. Weekend 2 Ride offer: Leaving from Long Beach FridayAM

    We have 3 in our car already, 2 guys and 1 girl. Room for 1 more (maybe 2 but you guys would be getting real friendly in the back seat because its a small car and the guy who's already coming along...
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