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  1. Re: Willing to trade (2) W1 wristbands for (2) W2 wristbands w/camp (if possible)

    Hey ill sell you my 2 weekend 1 tickets

    text or call me

    562 644 4095
  2. Re: Anyone selling Weekend 1 passes in Southern California?

    Call or text me, we have 3 ga tickets for sale!

    562 644 4095 - Mike

    Im always around Downey / Long Beach area
  3. Re: Looking for someone willing to share Weekend 2 Car Camping

    Hey my group just needs a place to crash, and girls are cleaner than guys.

    And my cousin doesnt want to be with like just 8 guys or someshit,

    Please don't post things to make me sound bad, we...
  4. Re: Looking for someone willing to share Weekend 2 Car Camping

    We just seriously need somewhere to stay!

    There's 3 of us total.

    My friend from UC Riverside and I bought Weekend 1 tickets and my cousin from Miami bought Weekend 2.

    Thats what fucked...
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    Re: May Have Extra Space

    Hey were a group of 3 20 year old college students

    2 boys 1 girl looking for a camping spot weekend 2.

    Please email me at

    Or text me at

    562 644 4095
  6. Re: 2 Canadian girls with car camping pass... but no car (wknd 2)

    Email me,

    Were 2 guys 1 girl all 20 year old college students out to turn the fuck up!

    Ill send you my IG so you can see what were about through email!

    I live...
  7. Re: 2 Canadian girls need ride Friday from LA to Coachella!!

    Send me an email, I can take you,

    Were 3 college students from LA, we'll be turning the fuck up the whole drive there! Haha

    Email me,

    Ill send you my IG so you...
  8. Re: Looking for someone willing to share Weekend 2 Car Camping

    ^^^ but really though, we seriously need a space to share with a group, if anyone has anything open or can squeeze in 3 more, were going to have a good time!
  9. Re: Looking for someone willing to share Weekend 2 Car Camping

    Only you know the truth
  10. Looking for someone willing to share Weekend 2 Car Camping

    Were a group of 3, need a place to camp for weekend 2.

    420 friendly, and all good vibes.

    All young, single college students that are trying to turn the fuck up,

    2 boys, 1 girl (so its clear)...
  11. Re: Need ONE WEEKEND 1 (April 11-13) GA Ticket!!


    Text if you want it, I have many ways to prove the purchase as well, your not risking a fake ticket.

    562 644 4095
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    Re: Need Roomies - Weekend 2

    Were a group of 3!


    Were chill af , college students and were here to bring the best vibes!

    Text me, 562 644 4095

    We'll take it!
  13. Re: Weekend 2 Available: 3 GA passes, 1 Car Camping Pass, 1 Companion Parking Pass

    Ill buy your ticket with camping,

    $500 cash,

    Call or text me

    562 644 4095
  14. Re: I am 1 Aussie Male with a 5 person RV... Anyone want to share?!

    Which weekend?
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    Buying Weekend 2 Pass with Car Camping!

    $500 cash,

    LA area,

    Will drive up to an hour to meet up,

    Call or text me,

    562 644 4095 - Mike
  16. Re: TRADE: Two Weekend 2 w/ Car Camping for Two Weekend 1 w/ Car Camping

    Ill buy a weekend 2 pass of yours that has car camping with it for $500 cash, straight up!

    Text or call me

    562 644 4095 - Mike
  17. Buying / Trading for a Weekend 2 + Car Camping!

    We have (3) Weekend 1 GA passes for sale / trade.

    We live in Los Angeles and are willing to go anywhere between Ventura and Orange County and Riverside to trade the tickets in person!

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