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    Park or take the shuttle

    This is my first year not camping and was wondering if people could tell me about their experiences driving and parking at coachella compared to taking the shuttle. I would be taking the shuttle from...
  2. anyone looking for a shuttle pass weekend 1?

    i have two anytime, anywhere shuttle passes for weekend 1 that i won't be needing if anyone wants it.
  3. Re: 2 Bdr. VILLA Westin Mission Hills Resort -Thurs4/17/14 - Sun4/20/14 Sleeps 8

    2500 total for all nights? im interested.
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    2 Weekend 2 Passes

    Selling two weekend two GA passes for a friend. asking for $750. message me if you are interested.
  5. Re: There will be (Relevant) Add-ons / Surprises for sure, because...

    Don't know if this means anything but the description of the video says "Coachella is just the beginning" and was posted today.
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    looking for a place for Coachella

    Please send me any and all offers for any places you may have. I am looking to stay from Friday to Sunday but will consider Fri-Sat. I am really open to anything. I have a car pass I am willing to...
  7. Anyone interested in trading a car pass for a motel

    I will be having a car pass but me & my girlfriend are looking to stay in a room. I'm not here trying to sell anything but am wondering if anyone would be interested in trading the car pass for a...
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    Re: Need a hotel room?

    please contact me.
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