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  1. Re: embassy suites - space available Friday, Saturday night

    This is still available... comes with a fold-out sofa, or we can bring an ikea mattress.

    This is the room:...
  2. embassy suites - space available Friday, Saturday night

    My gf and I just booked a 2 room suite at the embassy suites in la quinta, looking for someone who wants to share.

    Only comes with one bed, but the other room is open. We'll be getting in Friday...
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    Re: camping solo. need company.

    Hey, my gf and I are looking for a place to camp. PM my if you have space available, we can pitch $$ towards the cost.
  4. Re: Friends cancelled last Minute I'm solo on my car camp spot...

    Sry to hear about that - just dropped you a message too.
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    Re: Selling Car Camping Pass Weekend 2

    Ya, I'm interested too. PM me if it's still available.
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