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  1. Re: Trade Shuttle Pass Wkd 1 JW Marriott Line (Zone 4) For Tennis Garden Line (Zone 6

    Just PM'd you, I need Zone 4 and have Zone 6!!
  2. Re: Two Weekend One Passes with Car Camping and Shuttle Passes

    Just emailed you!! I'm looking for Zone 4 shuttle passes.
  3. Re: 2 Shuttle Passes for JW Marriott Desert Springs Line - $80

    YES!!! See Becgoody's reply below -- we're travelling together!!
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    NEEDED: 2 shuttle passes for week 1!!

    Wondering what to do with those extra shuttle passes you're not using? Well have I got an opportunity for you! I'm desperately seeking 2 shuttle passes for weekend 1, preferably zone 4 but we're...
  5. Re: 2 palm springs shuttle passes available (weekend 1)

    I'm in desperate need of two Zone 4 (JW Marriott) passes!!! Are they still available??
  6. Re: 2 Shuttle Passes for JW Marriott Desert Springs Line - $80

    Any chance your passes are still available?? I need 2 for the JW line!!

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    Re: WEEKEND 1 - room available


    I'm interested in the shuttle passes -- I already have a room at the Marriott. I need two passes. Let me know!! You'd be a real lifesaver!

  8. WANTED: 2 Shuttle Passes for Weekend 1, Zone 4 (JW Marriott)

    Hi, I'm looking for 2 shuttle passes for zone 4 JW Marriott for weekend 1 -- I totally spaced on getting them and now they're sold out! Also wondering if there are any travel alternatives in case I'm...
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