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    Re: Extra Lake Cahuilla camping

    Hey I am absolutely in need of a night to stay. I am most certainly willing to pay a good amount to get a piece of that space with you. Its just me and two of my friends. Responsible and no shadiness...
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    Re: Where to go now

    ive come to the conclusion that with a fest with this many people theres going to be something going on at most of the campgrounds and hotels in the area im coming from ct so and ive never been there...
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    Re: joshu tree?

    got a group spot at indian cove for the first night then spending next three nights in a hotel. it seems like an awesome camp ground.
  4. Re: shows end at 12. walking back to camp in darkness?

    i am likely looking for an offsite camp. yeah the question of getting to camp at night was dumb but does anyone know of a good offsite camping area that most people head to outside lake cahuilla
  5. shows end at 12. walking back to camp in darkness?

    should i focus on finding something nearby and heavily populated if i decide to camp because of this or does it really not matter. newbie here. also whats a good place to camp outside the lake...
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