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  1. Re: Three Australians have car camping spot, want to share with someone driving from

    hey! we're interested but we're "will call" that a problem?
  2. carpool needed from SD weekend2, and camping too if you have it!!

    Hey looking for a ride from San Diego on the thurs for weekend 2. There's 2 of us, coming from Canada/Uk (both english) 23, 24 years old. We're lovely happy, fun people :D

    Also if you've got...
  3. Can we camp with YOU?! 2 poor little english folk in need of camp weekend 2


    Me and my friend (girl and boy) are looking for a place to camp weekend 2.

    Both chilled out and merry little people, we are willing to say nice things in our accent to you, or if it's...
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