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  1. Advice for Looking for Last Minute House / Hotels

    **FOR WEEKEND 1**

    Hey guys!

    I've always been a festival camper, but this time have a pretty sizable group who are suddenly interested in staying in doors (we're getting old I guess!). What's...
  2. Grouplove, Smallpools, MS MR @ Glass House 4/22

    Missed Grouplove and MS MR and the festival and want to try and make up for it.
    The show at the Glass House is sold out, but I'd still love to buy tickets off someone.
    Please let me know if...
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    Re: Traffic on I-10 leaving is a nightmare

    WOW that took so long this year. I don't remember it being that bad.
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    Re: Best improvements of 2014

    There was so much more shade by the different food areas! It was awesome.
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    The crowd was really small so you should be fine. But AGH so good!
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    Re: Did it seem more crowded this year?

    Friday felt a lot more packed than past years, but I've also gone weekend 1 the last two years and the weather has been a shit show. The upside to the sand storm on Saturday was more room.
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    Re: Most Crowded/Least Crowded Sets

    Daughter was really empty, which worked out well because I was late. John Newman was at the same time-ish, and he was also pretty good and super empty. I got to Neutral Milk super early and it was...
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    Re: Advice from Wkend 1 to Wkend2

    Can't even believe I'm saying this but we went to Little Dragon and got sucked back into Calvin Harris. The energy was just really really high. We couldn't help ourselves.
  9. Re: How long was the wait at will call Thursday?

    I went early so no one had to wait for me. I arrived at 2:30 and literally walked right up to the front of the line. I don't think you'll have much of a problem :) Just leave a little time to find it.
  10. Re: Buying a ticket today from someone off Craigslist.. How can I make sure it's legi

    As someone who bought fake tickets for coachella like a dumbass, I recommend stubhub. We then had to buy NEW tickets, and it would have been cheaper just to use stubhub to begin with. Plus, you'll...
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    Re: 2 girls camping alone...

    I definitely wouldn't lead with "two girls camping alone" -- just for starters :) If this is indeed real, that's only going to encourage a lot of attention (unless that's what you want?? then you're...
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    Re: In need of a companion parking

    I was actually able to buy companion parking still a couple days ago. I would check that out first.
  13. Re: Weekend 1 car camping spot available! $350 OBO

    you're such a dick
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    Re: WANTED: 1 Car Camping Pass

    Oh yeah? I appreciate the tip. None of our security people cared in the slightest last year (which I know might have been luck) but that's why I'm willing to risk it. My back up plan is to just have...
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    WANTED: 1 Car Camping Pass

    Our group grew to need an additional car camping pass. Willing to take the risk of it not being attached to our wristband. We would just like to buy the car camping pass alone. Please PM me if you...
  16. Re: How to tell which wristband car camping pass is attached to...

    yeah last year no one noticed at all. we were worried because everyone in line was running around to different areas, so people weren't even in the right cars. It was no problem at all.
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    Finding Coachella House / Condo Question

    I'm curious what the best way to find a place to stay is and whether our budget is really reasonable. We are a group of approximately 6-8 who are looking for a place to stay for around $500 a night...
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    Re: Renting house? How much did you pay?

    When do you guys recommend looking? This was the first year our camping group started considering in door options ... So I want to peak around for next year ...
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    Re: Lucent Dossier bullshit

    I usually only end up catching bits of it, but most of what I've scene is pretty cool. If I have a lull in my schedule, I'd rather see cool acrobatics and fire throwing than just sit somewhere...
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    Re: Weekend 2 weather 100% better than Weekend 1

    Good weather is relative. I thought last year's weekend 1 weather was absolutely amazing. But a lot of people think that having hot weather is what coachella is all about. I found the sandstorm...
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    Re: Did it seem more crowded this year?

    I felt like the crowds were worse this year, mostly because I can usually do a "sampler platter" of acts when there's a lot of conflicts and dart inbetween stages pretty fast. This year it was soooo...
  22. Re: List your compliments and grievances here for them to fix (or not) for next year.

    --> The bathrooms were so amazing! I can't even believe how clean they were. This really makes the camping/festival experience so much nicer!
    --> I felt like there was a lot more shade this...
  23. Re: What happens if you put your car camping pass on the wrong side of the windshield

    It worked. But such bullshit that caused so many headaches.
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    Re: Going alone as a girl?

    totally. I got separated on Saturday and ended up having a blast wandering around on my own. people are pretty friendly, especially if you're somewhat attractive.
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    Re: The not-so-good news: Food and drink prices?

    bastards caught my granola bars.
    always hide them deep in your backpack or in your bra or something.

    to cut down on food prices, I just find the biggest plate and eat half for lunch and wrap...
  26. Does anyone have a set list of campground DJs?

    I'm just trying to look up a few of the acts we saw on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night after the Coachella acts were done. Besides the jazz band, there were also DJ's on the main stage going...
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    Re: 2012 Weather Watch

    YESSS. A thousand times yes.

    I think people who were unprepared were miserable, and I don't blame them. But it wasn't so cold that if people brought the right clothes, they couldn't get warm. ...
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    Re: Coachella Crowd

    There were so many more bros than hipsters this year. Just a sea of bros and frat boys. When they divided up the entrance into women and men lines, I realized what a huge sausage-fest this year...
  29. Re: Most disgusting and awesome thing I saw at Coachella last year...

    I have seen so many rank porta potties -- it's just unbelievable how people function. Shit smeared on the seat, shit smeared on the walls, shit all over the floor. It's a regular damn occurrence. ...
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    Re: VIP problems for all

    I really don't understand why people even get it. I guess you can hob-knob with fancy ass people. I loved hearing The Hives lead singer rip them a new one.
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    Re: cell service in INDIO?!

    This was my best cell service ever. I had 3G almost the whole time (then again, going on the internet isn't really a priority ...) and my texts/calls went through pretty quickly unless there was a...
  32. Re: How Well/long do they search your car upon entry of the car camping??

    I think it depends. My car didn't even get searched. They just asked if I had an ice chest or alcohol. When I said no, they let me through. Pretty sick.

    The rest of our group wasn't as lucky. ...
  33. Re: How will they know if a car camping pass is purchased with a GA pass?

    I posted this is another thread from my personal experience from weekend 1. Obviously there's no guarantees but I hope this helps:

    1. They did not check to see if our car camping pass was...

    Lotion, lube, anything. I bet you anything you can get it off, but it may or may not hurt like a bitch to your dumbass friend.
  35. Thread: Traffic?

    by iamellyn

    Re: Traffic?

    I felt like traffic control was really good this year. And I loved Friday weather! But at least you can whip out the standard bathing suits and shorts. Have fun!
  36. Re: Camping together - advice from weekend 1-ers?

    It was so awesome to have a space set aside! It made it so much easier to keep our group together. You can't miss the waiting area.
  37. Re: Do the car camping passes really have to be tied with the original wristband?

    1. They did not check to see if our car camping pass was attached to our wristband. In fact, I was the one who purchased the car camping and my boyfriend was the one in the car when they scanned it. ...
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    Re: weather for weekend 2 FAIL weekend 1 :)

    It depends what you like. Almost everyone I talked to was bitching about the cold weather, but if they had actually checked the forecast and brought a damn jacket, I think it would have been awesome....
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    Re: 60% Attendance Day 1 rumour

    Friday was so nice. It was stupidly easy to run from set to set. Definitely my favourite day of the whole weekend.
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    Re: The Hives!!!!!

    I danced more for The Hives than any other set the whole weekend. They played new stuff that I didn't know, but the energy level was so high it didn't matter.
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    Re: Worst of the First Day?

    I thought M. Ward was a snooze-fest. To be fair, I didn't stay to finish. There were too many other good things going on.

    Also, I thought M83's sound was really bad. But I've read people all...
  42. Re: The Official "I'm Taking a Nap During Bon Iver's Set" Thread

    I really thought their set would be boring (even though I am a fan) ... but damn, I thought it was really good. Even friends of mine with me, who don't even like Bon Iver, thought his stuff was so...
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    Re: Coachella 2012 statistics.

    This for sure happened to me. Glow stick in the face about half way through. The fuck?
    89% chance it was a bro d-bag rolling for the first time.
  44. Re: Who were the breakout and breakthrough bands of Weekend 1?

    really liked WU LYF and EMA.
  45. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend one edition)

    1. Explosions in the Sky
    2. Bon Iver
    3. Radiohead
    4. Jeff Mangum
    5. The Hives

    There are so many shows people are saying they liked on here that I didn't get to see! Breaks my heart and makes...
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    Re: Must-See Sets for Weekend 2 +explanations

    I'm surprised everyone really liked M83. I thought their sound was awful. Actually I thought all of Mojave's sound was awful unless you were super close. I really hope they fix that for you guys...
  47. Weekend 1 Coachella Wrisband + Tent Camping -- Will Sell at Face :D

    I posted before, but we still have these two left.
    It's in the original packaging, I have the receipt, you get all the cool Coachella goodies, the wristband is unregistered -- all the good stuff....
  48. Weekend 1: 3 Passes, 1 tent camping, 1 car camping

    Hello Everyone,

    Due to the large size of our group, we had several people drop out at the last minute.

    We have 3 Weekend 1 passes. However, one pass MUST be sold with car camping, and one pass...
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    Re: Weather Forecast Wk 1 = :D

    You know, that's so strange because I actually did use the search function before I did it and couldn't find anything, which surprised me a lot. Since then I have found this thread...
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    Re: Coachella Injuries?

    Baby powder is your friend. Keep that shit on you and rub a little on possible chaffing areas periodically.
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