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    Re: Orange County to Indio

    If ur leaving fri morn And coming back so we could make lax by 7pm Monday of weekend 1 you have a deal
  2. Re: LA to Indio (Friday morning), Indio to Vegas (Monday morning)

    We could be keen for the trip from la to coachella. We are flexible with times as we havnt got our flight into lax yet so would book that around when you could leave?
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    Re: LAX to Indio u still have seats.
    We will be coming and going from lax aswell for weekend 1. Coming back is fine for the Monday although our accomodation we can't check into until the Friday so not sure...
  4. We need a ride!!!!!! (Weekend 1 2013)

    Hi everyone!

    Super excited about Coachella but we need to get there and back!

    It's for weekend 1- looking to go up on the Friday and come back on the Monday!

    Would prefer LA as we will be...
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