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  1. Re: 4 nights 1 room 2 beds April 9th-12th Agua Caliente Hotel Casino

    Just pmd you.
  2. Re: Weekend 1- need 2 more people - 1,700 sq ft luxury condo Legacy Villas in La Quin

    Interested in staying with you. It would be 2 people from San Francisco. Pm me please
  3. Weekend 1: Carpool & Campsite. SF >> Coachella

    Leaving San Francisco Wednesday night (12AM-1AM) and looking for people to carpool with me and share driving duties. I want to get to Coachella by noon to secure a good campsite. I'm also open to...
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    Re: The Official Procrastinator's Camping Group Thread

    33 y/o male from San Francisco camping solo this year. I have room available to share. Split cost of camping costs/food/drink/rental. I also have a companion parking pass.

    Looking for people to...
  5. Re: Weekend 1 car camping spot available for sharing.

    Camping spot still available.
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    Re: Ride needed from San Francisco!!!!

    I'm leaving sf early Thursday. I'm trying to get there by noon so I can get a good camping spot.
  7. Re: Weekend 1 car camping spot available for sharing.

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm ideally looking for people in the SF Bay Area that can carpool with me. I'm looking at 2-3 people max to camp with me.
  8. Re: Two awesome girls looking for a camping spot to share!

    PMed you.
  9. Re: Weekend one. Looking for people to rent rooms with or camping.

    I have a weekend 1 car camping and companion parking for share. PM me for details.
  10. Weekend 1 car camping spot available for sharing.

    Bought my advance tickets with a car camping & companion parking. Turns out my friends decided to stay at a hotel instead but I still want to camp. I'm just looking for some laidback people to share...
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