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    Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    I've posted on a few of your other threads about this...

    I like where you guys are going with this Vegas group plan. I have me (26F) for sure and maybe a +1 (26F from Phoenix). I can...
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    Re: Vegas campers WITH a car pass: GREAT offer!

    I'm down with throwing down in your Vegas group. I can't afford it for me and my friend but if we are all throwing down then I can work with that... PM me
  3. Re: Has anyone seen new tickets on ticketmaster today?

    I'm a Las Vegan that is down with your plan! I have me and maybe 1 coming from Phoenix. Should we start a new thread to get a LV group together?!? PM me
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    Re: Camping at Lake Cahuilla Questions

    I just called to do the same and couldn't get through to a reservation's agent. Did you reserve online or over the phone (800-234-7275)?

    I stayed @ the Lake last year and loved it but no...
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    Re: Las Vegas Meet-Up?

    I'm pretty comfortable driving in the middle of nowhere at night and my Google Maps directions look pretty good. You think it's worth the new route risk to save the time or just follow the highway? I...
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    Re: Las Vegas Meet-Up?

    Would anyone like to caravan from Vegas between 5-6p on Thursday? I'd like to try the CIMA route too but does the 45 minutes saved apply to taking it later at night? If I hit a a deer or something...
  7. Last Minute Lake Cahuilla Campsite for 1 Car & 4 People

    Hey All,
    I am looking for a group of 4 people to share my Lake Cahuilla campsite from Thursday night through Monday. I had some friends coming but they backed out and now it's just me! Need some...
  8. Re: lake cahuilla...

    I am a loner coming down by myself from Las Vegas. Does anyone have room at their camping spot for my tent and my vehicle? I'll chip in my share of the reservation cost and will bring lots of beer!...
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