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    Re: The Post Your Picture Thread

    here is my picture. Its a motion picture
  2. Re: Anyone ever actually been stopped because of a "professional" camera?

    Got my DSLR in last year they didnt even see it in my backpack! Wrapped in around a sweater and had my 50mm on so it wasnt so bulky. Once i was in the grounds no one seemed to care. here is the...
  3. Re: 1st time going, going alone, tell me how to have the best time!
  4. Re: Post one (AND ONLY ONE) picture of your favorite coachella moment

    HOw about a MOTION picture?!?!?! this is mine from last year!!
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    Re: Go Pro at Coachella?

    I got in my Pentax KX DSLR last year and made a video! Once inside no one seemed to care I had a Professional Camera so I dont think you'll have a problem. Bought a t3i planning on getting that in...
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