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  1. SELLING: (1) Weekend 2 GA + Car Camping Pass

    I'm based in the Bay Area, but can also arrange for pick-up in Los Angeles.
  2. Re: Need weekend 2 and 2GA tickets with car camping!!!

    I have two Weekend 1 wristbands + car camping and am looking to trade for two Weekend 2 wristbands + car camping if you're still interested in trading.
  3. Re: Trade weekend 2 + car camping FOR weekend 1+car camping.

    I want it! Emailing you now.
  4. Trade: Two weekend 1 tickets + car camping for two weekend 2 tickets + car camping

    I'm looking to trade my two weekend 1 tickets + a car camping pass for your two weekend 2 tickets + car camping pass. I'm based in Berkeley, so it would be most ideal if you're also based somewhere...
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    Re: Lightning in a Bottle 2013

  6. Looking for a ride from Coachella to the Bay Area on Sunday evening or EARLY Monday

    Hi there, the title (almost) says it all.

    I also attended the first weekend of this year's festival and ended up missing class Monday afternoon due to car trouble, traffic, and ~500 miles of...
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    Trying to make another Weekend 1 account

    I'm trying to make another Weekend 1 account so my roommate can simultaneously try to buy my ticket + car camping pass in order to increase my chances of success. However, I am currently unable to do...
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