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  1. selling weekend 2 shuttle pass face value

    can show receipt! couldn't get a regular ga pass upon checking out so i had to go with the ga/shuttle combo. please let me know if you need one!
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    Wanted: 2 Sigur Ros tickets LA

    I was on tour when these went on sale and I'd like to pay a decent price but will go for over face value if i need to. If you know anybody selling an extra or someone that can't make it send them my...
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    NEED a Companion Parking Pass/SD Area

    Taking some extra members in my party so we need to carpool separately. If you have a companion pass for wknd 2 in the SD area that would be greatly appreciated! Also im trying to get rid of my...
  4. Re: Selling Tennis Gardens Shuttle Pass/SD Area

    bump, shuttle pass is still available and desperately looking for a weekend 2 companion parking OR car camping pass!

    ps only need room for 2 if anyone has room :)
  5. Selling Tennis Gardens Shuttle Pass/SD Area

    So Im selling my shuttle pass for Tennis Weekend 2, willing to go as low as $40 so I can get rid of it. I'm in North County San Diego area feel free to send me an email
  6. Re: Looking for Weekend 2 for $400ish - San Diego Area

    Bump, Anyone in San Diego area with a weekend 2 pass? Offering same amount as above, email me what price you can do
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    Re: San Diego Shows

    would anybody have extra tickets for explosions in the sky at the glasshouse? pm me :)
  8. Looking for Weekend 2 for $400ish - San Diego Area

    Probably dumb and brave but Im hoping to spend around 4-450 max, but send me your price if you're anywhere near that. If you know anyone or if someone in your group is on the fence about going, Id...
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    Re: Weekend 2 GA Pass Up For Grabs

    sent you a pm :)
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    Re: Need (1) Weekend 2 Pass - San Diego Area

    Bump. I might have found a buyer for weekend 1 and would be willing to trade for weekend 2 when i get it. Id rather not go that extra step cuz itd be paying a little more than face. Let me know whose...
  11. Thread: weekend 2

    by Mike Vii

    Re: weekend 2

    sent pm :)
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    Need (1) Weekend 2 Pass - San Diego Area

    Hey guys,

    I've been to Coachella the past 2 years, and unfortunately when they went on sale my band was on tour and I wasn't able to get them in time :/

    I'm in the San Diego area and willing to...
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