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    Re: "Pressure Drop" chant

    I'm in
  2. beer gardens in general / booze questions

    as far as beverages, I read there'd be smoothies (i assume non alcoholic). How about margaritas? Will the beer gardens have the usual mixed drinks (vodka tonics, jack and cokes, etc.)? What the...
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    Re: Coachella iPhone App

    What's the point of this damn app? both droid and iphone ones have set times that are completely wrong. Jay-z at 3am? Devo has a 9 minute set?
    Sigh. :confused:

    I just pictured a lone person...
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    Re: The Official Specials Skankfest Thread

    i'm skanking no matter what. They're a huge reason why im even going to coachelle this year (they hadn't annouced thier ny dates until after we'd gotten coachella tickets.).
    I've only seen them once...
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    Re: How r u getting all your sh** there?

    Yes please! Right now it looks like 300+ for our car. Any code/coupon would be much appreciated
  6. Sticky: Re: How much do thickets cost i dont want to camp?

    Ditto. I also just got weird looks from my cubicle mates for laughing (for no apparent reason).
  7. Re: Who is driving/flying out from the east coast?

    Newark to Orange County on the 15th. First time flying! First coachella! So excited! :)
  8. Question about layaway payments for tickets..

    So I bought the tickets on layaway the last week of Jan. I was charged the 10% + fees immediately and then 50% of the balance on Feb. 8th. So now I'm confused because the wording on the site says...
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    Re: Question about the selkirk tents

    For those keeping tabs, it was decided. we're picking up the tent and pillows, etc at a shop in CA once we arrive. Ont he way home, we'll figure out if any of it is worth keeping and check the bag on...
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    Re: Question about the selkirk tents

    Thanks. I'd prefer to drive from ny to ca but we just don't have that kind of vacation time left :)
    how does the camping pass work? $55 for the weekend correct? cause if that's the case, i think im...
  11. Re: Has anyone tired flying with camping equipment?

    I just started a thread with pretty much the same question. Side question: I've never been to CA, can you get quality tents just anywhere, like at walmart and such? Cause i don't want to do the...
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    Question about the selkirk tents

    the boyfriend and I are at odds about this. He wants to buy the $200 package with the tent and camp pass and shit so we dont have to lug stuff onto a plane (coming from ny). I looked up the tent and...
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